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A promising new range of re-usable syringe darts were recently launched by Professional Wildlife Equipment, Pretoria based company. Designed to be tougher than any other dart ever developed, Professional Wildlife Equipment, under the leadership of well-known veterinarian, Dr. Alex Lewis and Precision Engineer of Pretoria, Dante Mare, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Being based in South Africa allows Professional Wildlife Equipment to custom-build products on special order for your immediate needs and requirements. Phone Professional Wildlife Equipment for a professionally designed and tested product.

Due to the success of this new product range, Professional Wldlife Equipment is still expanding and developing new products to satisfy growing market needs.

Dart Guns

We have 11mm, 13mm and 18mm dart guns available.


We have a wide range of darts to suit your needs

Pole Syringes

We also stock high quality pole syringes.


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Professional Wildlife Equipment

Manufacturers of dart syringes, pole syringes and dart transmitters.

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